Burr Anderson

Meet Burr

Burr B. Anderson spent four decades in the business world before discovering his passion for writing thrillers that provide his readers with suspense, forensic intrigue, and revelations of the sinful acts committed behind closed doors. While studying at the University of Puget Sound, a criminology course led to a research project with the Tacoma Police Department that helped inspire much of his first book, The Drummer.  After college, Burr’s passion for adventure was sparked by a six-year navy assignment that included serving on two United States Navy submarines during the Cold War era. 

Burr’s business career in the life insurance industry began in Tacoma, Washington, and took him to Southern California, where his agency won international recognition and became a model of excellence for his commitment to cultural diversity. In 2008, he earned a place in the General Agents and Managers Association (GAMA) International Hall of Fame. Since that time, he has taught numerous classes on sales and management as well as managed successful solo business projects. In addition to his professional pursuits, he dedicates much of his resources to local philanthropies in the Pacific Northwest. He and his wife, Nancy, also enjoy painting and are award-winning artists of acrylic and watercolor, respectively.

Burr B. Anderson brings his diverse experiences to bear in his newest novel, High Seas Darkness, which delves into the seedy underside of the luxury cruise industry. He hopes his readers will begin questioning what goes on behind even the most mundane facades.